Wille Viittanen

Short career description:
Since 2008 I have been working at our family business, Wiitta Oy. Titel is managing director, but I have been responsible for the sales, marketing, product development… depending what’s needed at each moment. Earlier, I was couple of years in USA, working as project manager for plastics manufacturing business. I started my career as project engineer & Six Sigma Black Belt and progressed to production manager position.

Company portfolio:
Wiitta Oy, our family business, established in 1972. Plastics injection molding to Global customers in BIG scale.
Green Capes Oy, my own holding company.

Position of trust:
Chairman, Industrial Committee, Häme Chamber of Commerce
Member, Entrepreneurship Committee, Confederation of Finnish Industries
Board member, Muoviyhdistys ry

Super power as a mentor:
Thinking outside of box.