Starthub is growing – membership info and applications

It all begins from Starthub. We serve both already established startups and the students who are considering starting a business.

We are looking for the growth entrepreneurs in our community

Here the businesses network easily and find common new business opportunities. Currently our community has around thirty business which we have coached, mentored, and guided for the right direction.

We are looking for the startup minded and acting individuals and brave entrepreneur personalities. Business idea and industry can be any, if the business is easy to scale and interests the potential target group. We guide startup entrepreneurs to a right direction and help to scale and grow it to a successful business.

Student membership

StartHub made a new opening in 2023 when it also enabled membership for student teams. Student membership is for one period, and like a business membership, it includes constant sparring and mentoring of a business idea and, the use of StartHub’s facilities for meetings and community events.

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What is a startup? Is it the same as a growth business?

There is no specific and widely accepted definition for the term startup. Most often a startup is associated with young, maximum few years old business and the technology industry. The main feature in any case is the will to grow quickly. So, a startup is a growth business but not every grown business is a startup company! Startup can represent any industry.

Here a startup means the following:

  1. Startup is a young, growth minded and internationally aiming growth business
  2. The function of a startup is based on an innovation in the product or the business model. Innovation has demand and competition leverage in the market. The business can be scaled for new markets.
  3. Startup is only developing the first product. The product development and marketing require money, but income is yet to be made.
  4. Outside external investors and sufficient financial resources are searched for the company to go international.

Benefits from business partners

Startups enjoy awesome benefits from our partners:

Amazon AWS HubSpot Stripe Business Mill LADEC - Lahden Seudun Kehitys Byro Oy

How can I join StartHub as a member?

StartHubs application are completed by the application for. Once your application is accepted you can come and work at our premises and enjoy all you member benefits.

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Who decices if my application is accepted?

All the applications for StartHub are processed in selection panel consisting of professionals from different industries. We inform all applicants about the decision.

What does the membership cost?

The membership of StartHub is free of charge. Also, the StartHub incubator and accelerator programs are free for our members.

Can I come and get to know StartHub?

Of course! Our doors are open from Monday to Friday between 9.00-15.00. Just sign-in in the lobby services at M19 campus main door. If you arrive with a group and wish to do a guided tour, please book an appointment in advance.

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Who can I request more information from?

You can ask for any additional information from our StartHub coaches who will be happy to help you with information about our functions and the membership.

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