New in StartHub – student member info and application

It all begins from Starthub. We serve both already established startups and the students who are considering starting a business.

We are looking for student teams in the community

StartHub will make a new opening in 2023 when it enables membership for student teams as well. Student membership is for one period, and like a business membership, it includes constant sparring and mentoring of a business idea, use of StartHub’s facilities for meetings and community events.

Application form You can find in the end of this page.

For who?

The student team must be a group of at least three LAB or LUT students, and the 10 most potential early-stage business ideas will be selected based on the applications.

Why we want Students to join in?

StartHub wants to integrate students into StartHub community, boosting student entrepreneurship. We want students to be able to attach to the business world of the Lahti region alongside studies. We also believe in student business ideas have possibility for growth and to create jobs and business into Lahti economic area.


We hope that the students will gain an experience base for entrepreneurship as well as working in the different roles and in the teams. In addition, through membership, responsibility is practiced and networks are created for later working life.

Please note

Membership begins in the fall of 2023 at the start of the academic year.

Student membership does not include use of workstations.

The team’s work must take place in other premises of the campus, e.g. sparring and mentoring sessions and events.