Facilities and services – all for free

Is startup entrepreneurs’ life easy? No. Will you have some obstacles? Yes, you will. Starthub exists so you could start your success easier and that your company gets the wings to fly on.


StartHub offers you a comfortable 500m2 working space with furniture, applications, and connections. For free we also kitchen toilet paper, green plants, and cleaning. The only thing you need to grab is your laptop, phone, and yourself – nothing else. The City of Lahti, LAB University of Applied Sciences, and Isku Oy work as facilitators to further the startups.

The meaning of all this is to help the startups to a great start and growth without the constant worry of rent payments and other expenses related to the beginning of the business. Even though free facilities guarantee a solid base to work in the community, the more important is what happens inside the walls and what we can create together. Wonderful things have already happened and more will follow!

This is how we support your success

Sparring, coaching

Peer support and exchange of ideas and experiences to support your growth. Our whole community and the coaches will spar with you. The business mentors and top professionals in their fields also work as support and advisors for the startups. This is also free of charge for the members.

The incubator

Are you sure not to stay alone to incubate your business idea? At the Starthub Incubator you can bounce around your businesses’ growth and pain points together with our coach or with a bigger group if needed. You get tips and guidance i.e., to recognize clients and investors and protecting immaterial rights.

The accelerator

In the accelerator we develop and test i.e., the demand, profitability, and execution possibilities of your idea. We can also use the LAB UAS resources and networks to develop the innovation. The applications for the accelerator program are open twice a year.


It’s worth to grab a hold of a helping hand. Your mentor is your personal PT who offers their experience and knowledge to develop your startup. At best the mentoring relationship growth to be open and interactional win-win situation. Even an experienced mentor can learn a lot new from you!

Growth competitions

Hungry for huge growth? Are you ready to step outside of your comfort zone? Growth competitions give you tools and motivation for growth. The programs include sparring growth plans, pitching, challenges and networking. Interested yet?


Learn new and succeed! The startups in our community can participate to different mini webinars and workshops for few. One of the popular trainings is the Lean Startup, which is based on the continuous development, testing and learning. This is exactly what Starthub is about!


Life at Starthub is never boring. We organize communal events live and online – some of the events are our own, some provided by external partners and most importantly open for all. Jump in! Detailed information for all the fun stuff you can find on our calendar.

Do you want your business idea to be even more a diamond? Good, let’s do it! Here not a single business idea will stay just an idea if its scalable and the entrepreneur themselves is ready for growth