Seija Kraft Tapionsalo

Work history:

I am a long-term finance and management professional. I have worked for Finland’s largest players in the financial sector since the 90s in demanding management positions. My areas of responsibility have been e.g. business both on the banking and insurance side, marketing, communication, partnerships, etc. The tasks of the occupational health and safety manager have also been part of my management role, such as management team work and acting as the CEO’s deputy.

At the moment, I focus purely on board tasks, and my main job is developing board work and transferring board professionals to companies as executive director of Hämeen Hallituspartnerit ry. I personally served as the chairman of the board of two companies. The other is Provincia Oy, which is a public administration finance and personnel company. The turnover is about 10 million and the employees are about 120. Another company is Pro Recovery Oy, in which I am also a partner. This is a wellness company focused on recovery. We are still in the startup phase, but we are moving the company forward at a good pace with the top team, and the first big steps have already been taken.

I also do business consulting as a project manager in the Hämeen Hallituspartneri project.

My superpower as a mentor:

I believe that my experience in business, management and board work, as well as my curiosity to learn new things myself and my interest and enthusiasm for people and ideas, make me a good mentor.