Byro Legal Oy

Our approach is simple: instead of focusing on irrelevant details, we de-risk effectively and provide no-nonsense, disclaimer-free legal advisory.

We deliver client-centric, quality-driven advice to our clients. Instead of a pyramid organization, we run a team that is solely comprised of experienced lawyers that hold background from the top firms in the market. This is how we ensure high quality and efficient execution.

For Starthub members, we have variety of legal packages for your legal needs. With regard to pricing, we plan and forecast our work diligently. This allows us to provide transparent quotes that hold and fixed price where possible.

Legal advice is not often something you can order off-the-rack. Therefore, we always like to meet first to understand your needs. This allows us to provide you with the right tailored advice for your needs.

Contact info 

Heikki Lindroos
040 832 5506
Discord: Heikki ll Byro