Encounter 2/2024




Merkkaa kalenteriin


klo 09:00 - 15:00


Kuja Lahti Aleksanterinkatu


Encounter is an open and free event for all interested in start-up businesses and business development generally.

8.45 Doors open, coffee served

9.00 Keynote & Workshop: SALES


CCO @MyyntiKollektiivi, Partner @MarkkinointiKollektiivi

Teemu is a startup sales leader with an extensive experience in all things sales, and has risen from an AE to a VP in a few years. Currently he’s the CCO of MyyntiKollektiivi, a Finnish community for sales people. Teemu gets excited about all sales related topics, especially building sales processes that actually work.

Talk & Workshop: Sales fundamentals for founders 

In the session we’ll cover the basics of selling a new solution. When the new product is not yet well known, quite often startups need to rely on an outbound sales motion to win the first clients. In these two hours we’ll form a plan for an outbound operation from the ground up involving client problems, buyer group identification, messaging, channels and measuring performance.

11.30 Lunch break, included

12.30-15:00 Keynote & Workshop MARKETING & SOCIAL SELLING


Social Selling PT | LinkedIn Coach @ Network & Growth

Noora Kukkonen is a ‘’Social Selling PT’’ with expertise in LinkedIn and modern sales strategies. She helps entrepreneurs, marketers, sales people and experts through the constantly evolving digital landscape, blending the latest digital sales & marketing trends with practical strategies for growth and profitability.

In Noora’s speech she will discuss key 2024 sales trends for entrepreneurs, highlighting how social selling can enhance visibility and sales. She will also outline strategies for developing effective social media approaches, overcoming digital marketing challenges, and utilizing efficient tools to save time and improve outcomes, providing insights on converting social media into a profitable channel.

In the workshop, we will be developing a winning social media strategy for entrepreneurs and their businesses.


READ THIS BEFORE REGISTRATION: Thanks to our financiers this event is free of charge, but in the case of an uninformed no-show You accept that You are billed 50 €


Only the first 50 get in. Members come first.