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We think it’s insane to lose hundreds, if not thousands of startups every year! Starthub significantly increased the success potential for those who decide to locate to Lahti region.

Startup city Lahti sets the example

Lahti supports the growth potential of new businesses in a way that sets an example for other cities to follow. The City of Lahti and LAB UAS which works in the same building with Starthub, and Isku Oy all support the growth businesses. Our community offers the entrepreneurs a best possible start: free facilities and office space, peer support, coaching and training services as well as a partner network.

This is how here in Lahti we support the growth potential that new businesses have. Does youw hometown do the same?

Our base in Mukkula – fun, relaxed, open, and easy

Starthub works in LAB Lahti campus in Mukkula, just a few kilometers from the city center. Starthub’s own coaches are a solid part of everyday life and events. We want to constantly develop and plan new to benefit the community.

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Mark Poutanen

Head of Operations

Responsible for running Starthub’s daily operation and the future development. Represents the community in various events and partner group meetings. Also coaches and spars with member startups by working as a leader of the accelerator program.

Background as a result driven entrepreneur and an engineer. A guy armed with knowledge and practical experience knows the different fields in IT, softwares, platforms, programming languages and graphic techniques.

“Entrepreneurship is in the DNA. I spark from a motivated and a productive team who sees challenges as growth opportunities.”

Pasi Rantanen

Community Manager

The everywhere guy of the Starthub spreads the joy message of growth entrepreneurship in our community as well as outside of it. Inspires and helps our startups to develop their business and to move on to the next level. Finds a spark in clever business ideas, innovations that renew and flexibly scaling business models.

Background in event management and the sales of outstanding event productions as well as project and financial consulting for small businesses. Pitches whatever and wherever, also when not particularly requested. The fluffy hipster beard hides a philosopher with a taste of life, genius kitchen psychologist and mischievous kid.

“Without the insecurities and mistakes the new starts are not born to the sky of the business world. Starthub exists so not everyone has to repeat the same mistakes. We smooth out the flight away from the nest to international markets”

Mikko Kittelä

Event Manager

The Master of the Universe for events! Nothing happens in the Startup without Mikko having his hands involved in it. Plans and organizes live and online events and books the guest and performers with solid professional skills. The mouth goes and ideas are flying so fast that the slowest can’t quite keep up.

Background in producing professional fairs and audience event.

“Here is LAB Lahti campus we build the environment capital to be the most envied startup city in the nation. It’s so cool to be in the games”

Welcome as a growth entrepreneur in the Lahti region. Be brave and apply as a member and you could well be a next in the hub!